Thanks Twillory! My kid will wear a dress shirt!

Hey you guyyyyssss!! Haha! I wanted to tell you about something new I found! If you are a Momma of boys, you know how hard it is to get them to dress up. Jace, my 7 year old, is ALWAYS in comfy athletic clothing. We couldn’t even get him to wear henleys because he said they were “scratchy”. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Cue Twillory. I first spoke with the crew at Twillory about getting a shirt for my Husband. Their shirts are excellent quality and gorgeous patterns. One of the guys asked if I would, by chance, be interested in a new childrens dress shirt. He told me to watch a video on it and get back to him about it. (Video Link below)

Twillory Kids Shirt Video

Ok, so.. did you watch it!?! How freaking cool!?! I knew if there was any chance of Jace wearing a dress shirt, this was it. This shirt seriously has hockey sticks for collar tabs, pucks and a pocket to store them in. Not to mention that the shirt itself is made out of breathable athletic material. Ummm…. I’m sold. Time to talk to my kid about it.

I decided that instead of telling him about it, I’d just let him watch the video, too. His response was that we couldn’t get one soon enough. I placed the order and over the next few days I was asked repeatedly when his “cool” shirt was going to be here.

My guys shirts arrived and, although my Husbands fit great, my little guy’s did not (I ordered too small). I contacted the customer support at Twillory and they had another one (one size up) on the way before I could get theirs sent back out. Major cudos to the support team on that one! They were SUPER helpful!

So here it is!

He is so much in love that he wants to wear it to school. Mind blown. My kid wants to wear a button up dress shirt to school!

The “hockey stick” shirt tab idea is SO clever!

The shirts are made so nicely and look great on.

My handsome guys! โค

Overall, I will call them a huge success!

Here are the links to each, if you’d like to check them out:

Boys Alley-oop Button Up

Men’s Trailblazer Performance Plaid

It was so exciting to find something nice, fun and different! Jace is brushing up on putting his shirt tabs in and taking them out. Perhaps that’ll come in handy later down the road!

When you get a chance, definitely go check out Twillory and all their great styles!

I wanna know… where do you go to get your guys clothes?!?

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