My GOGO Baby Collab ðŸ¦‰

Happy Thursday! Hope this day finds you well. If not, look on the bright side.. Its almost the weekend!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. I’ve been a super busy girl lately. This blogging adventure has been a wilder ride than I ever expected. In expanding my blog following, I’ve also been working on my Instagram reach. I didnt realize how much the two can go hand in hand. Over there, I’ve reached out to and had companies reach out to me about reviewing their products.

I was lucky enough to bump into a brand called My GOGO Baby. ( They sent me over a couple of their items, a diaper caddy and a milestone blanket. Both are owl themed. Oh my gosh, guys! So adorable! 💛

The diaper caddy is the cutest! Made of a thick felt like material, it has removable velcro inserts to make sections inside the bag. I assume the inserts could come out to have one large space but I much prefer the way the bag is laid out. The inner print is a beautiful chevron/arrow type design. The bag has a cute owl stamp on the lower right hand side and one of my favorite things is the precious owl keychain attached to the handle. He has little legs that hang!

This bag holds SO much!! I easily fit everything inside that I could possibly need for an outing with the baby.

I filled the back right section with diapers. The front right has swaddled and burp cloths

Under the baby food and toys on the left hand side, I’ve placed a blanket a bibs. And, the back left has a package of wipes! I didnt even use the pockets located on the sides. Only $22.00 (order below).

I wanted to post this overhead pic so you can see just how much I’ve fit inside!

I’m currently using this caddy on our nightstand as an organizer. Its working beautifully since our baby is still in a cosleeper in our room.

The other item My GOGO Baby sent over was a super plush milestone blanket. It was also owl themed with a gorgeous circular pattern to showcase your baby. It came with 2 ivy type rings to place on the week, month, or year of your baby’s age.

$23.00 Link at the bottom.

I took 4 month old pics with Zachary on it. He had so much fun practicing his new skill of rolling over! It quality of this blanket is super nice and I love the fall toned colors.

The blanket is actually quite large and my photo of the baby laying on it on his back doesnt do it justice!

(*I will add a full size photo*)

I have the items listed through my Amazon link below:

If you guys have any questions I’d be happy to answer them!

Bianca 💛

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