5 Social Media apps you should be using to make extra money!

Ok, ok, so you’ve basically been hiding under a rock if you dont already know about selling sites like Amazon.com and eBay. But here are 5 of my favorite, not so common, websites/app’s (in no particular order) to earn you some extra bacon!

1. Shopkick

Wanna make money by shopping? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Shopkick is a program that gives you “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning items and/or purchasing. For example, you walk into Target. Open your shopkick app and get 25 kicks. (Just for walking inside!) While in the store, scan items listed in the app and get more kick points. You dont even need to buy anything! You can also score kicks by uploading receipts or making online purchases from partner stores. You can even open the app itself and just browse ads and videos to earn extra kicks.

So where does the money making come in? You cash in these kick points for gift cards to your favorite stores or items listed as rewards. The gift cards come through as a scannable barcode that can be used at the register. (Not self check!)

Shopkick partners with stores like Target, Walmart, Starbucks, eBay, Walgreens, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Footlocker, American Eagle and many more!

Wanna sign up? Click below and get 250 points toward a free gift card! Use code “GIFT260349“:


2. Receipt Hog

How complicated is this app? About as complicated as taking a picture on your phone! Snap a shot of your purchases & Receipt Hog will give you “coins” or “spins” for each submitted receipt. Coins go directly into your “bank”. Spins work more like a video lottery system where you have the chance to line up 3 like items for a reward. Receipt hog also gives you the chance to complete surveys for extra coins. Ready to cash in for a reward? Receipt Hog pays out via PayPal, Amazon gift cards and Visa gift cards!

3. Influenster

Soooo…Maybe this one cant earn you money, but you can score some awesome freebies! With Influenster, you answer questionnaires about yourself and connect your social media accounts to show your outreach. The company then matches you up to test products that they believe fit your lifestyle. They will mail you a “Voxbox” filled with products. After you’ve had time to try them out, you post social updates and take a survey about how the items worked for you. So far, I’ve been sent things like shampoo, food products, beauty items, pet food, etc. My favorite voxbox I’ve received was filled with Mary Kay makeup. Picture below!

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff???

You can get started here:


4. Poshmark

Have too many clothes? Who doesn’t? I know I sure do! Poshmark is a resale website that helps you get the most out of your unwanted clothing. It’s simple. Take photos and describe the items you wish to sell. Poshmark shares your items with your followers. If it sells, they get 20%if the item is over $15.00. If it’s under $15.00, they get a flat rate of $2.95. Its basically an online consignment shop. To help spread the word about your items for sale, other members can share your items with their followers. You also have the option to negotiate offers. Poshmark provides you with a prepaid mailing slip to ship your purchase (paid for by buyer). After the item is mailed and accepted, Poshmark deposits money in your account. The money can then be transferred to PayPal or directly into your bank account.

Get started with Poshmark by clicking the link below. Shop 5,000+ brands at up to 70% off!

Sign up with code “BDACEY” for a $5.00 free credit: https://bnc.lt/focc/Ob0CMr6B2N

5. Mercari

Mercari, to me, is similar to eBay. This app is one of my new favs because you can find things here that you may not find other places. They also only charge a 10% fee. Which is less than Ive found anywhere else. Mercari has many vintage items and people selling other things below the typical cost. This app also allows you to negotiate prices. You choose whether the seller or buyer pays postage. You transfer your balance from sales directly into your bank account. This app seems to be growing very quickly.

Find deals on Mercari! Get $10 off when you sign up with code “QTABJV


I’d love to hear your experience with these sites/apps!! Or, if you have any questions or need help signing up, I’m here!

If theres one I didnt list that you love, please let me know in the comments below! I’m always on the lookout! Feel free to also include your referral link!

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